New biomaterials

  • Application

  • Development

Data mining as the basis for efficient production of PLAX copolymers

Optimised data acquisition and evaluation should enable faster production of PLAX copolymers with desired structure, architecture and molecular weight.

What we want to achieve:
  • Pilot facilities are flexible to produce different formulations for dispersion coatings. Existing facilities and highly skilled personnel enable faster application development.
  • Companies can have access to develop novel barrier dispersion coatings based on PLAX materials for fibre-based packages, which can be recycled and reused in fibre-based packaging value chain.
  • Facility enables material production in variable scale, also larger amounts of material for testing purposes is possible.
Download pilot line pdf

Processing & modification of micro natural fibres

Optimisation natural microfibers flax or hemps as an important component of biocomposites.

What we want to achieve:
  • The fibers can show high adhesion to any polymer matrices and can be functionalised by different method to meet final requirements.
  • There is lack of such raw materials on the markets. Small fiber dimension allows to produce precise composite elements.
Download pilot line pdf

Production of biopolyester from marine bacteria

Polymaris wants to industrialise the production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), so-called for example biopolyesters, from marine bacteria.

What we want to achieve:
  • The pilot line will deliver amounts of Pol PHA large enough for process and product development.
  • The pilot line will be available to produce molecules by fermentation.
  • The pilot line will offer natural microfibers flax or hemp as component of any bio composites.
Download pilot line pdf