Your Innovation Counts!​

You want to make your products more sustainable?

You want to replace fossil plastic with Nano- or Biomaterials?

You need help with the integration into your processes?

Your innovation concept

Proposals will undergo a selection carried out by internal and external reviewers. They will assess Innovation Concepts while considering the market feasibility, innovativeness, TRL of solutions and the connection of the concepts to the OITB pilot lines. Technologies developed during the INN-PRESSME project will allow winning companies to:

Develop new nano bio-materials

Use innovative bio-based solutions to functionalised starting materials

Produce and test new bio-based materials from bio-based feedstocks

12-15 Innovation Concepts will be selected

Winners get access to 16 Pilot Lines in 3 industry fields

1.6 Mio. € are dedicated to supporting SMEs and RTOs

Guide for applicants

Proposal requirements and eligibility

Who can apply ?

Learn more about the OPEN CALL:

Open Calls Applications


General Info

Is your project in line with what INN-PRESSME is looking for?

Applicants can contact the INN-PRESSME consortium through for advice and guidance.

Details about the participation rules and how to prepare your successful application to win the Open Call were presented during the first INN-PRESME webinar. You can find the presentations and the video recording here.

For further details and questions,
please contact our experts directly

Ulla Forsström

Project Coordinator (VTT)

Ricardo Capolla

Head of Open Calls (STAM)

Mathieu Lions

Innovation Manager (IPC)

INN-PRESSME Digital Platform

The INN-PRESSME digital platform is more than just an application portal for the OPEN CALLS. The platform is for all SMEs and RTOs interested in the development and services of the INN-PRESSME project.

What is available on the INN-PRESSME digital platform?


Opportunities of test-before-investment we are preparing for you.

A networking environment with presentations of our organisations and platform users.

A calendar with all the events related to the OITB activities and the Open Calls.

A secured platform to manage your proposals in INN-PRESSME Open Calls.