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INN-PRESSME is an innovation ecosystem supporting European companies to develop plant-based and nano-enabled materials for packaging, energy, transport, and consumer goods.

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Newsletter | 9 December 2021

Discover INN-PRESSME and join us to scale up sustainable biomaterials!

Newsletter | 17 March 2022

Our green future starts now with the INN-PRESSME project!

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INN-PRESSME, funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme, is developing materials and solutions for industry to replace fossil resources with sustainable, efficient, and cost-competitive bio-based materials.

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The use of bio-based materials – made from biological sources, such as plants – as sustainable alternatives to fossil-based counterparts is growing in various industries, including packaging, transport, and consumer goods. Find out how INN-PRESSME optimises existing materials and integrates them into industrial processes.

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INN-PRESSME will upscale existing opportunities and processes, and demonstrate, in the packaging, energy & transportation, and consumer goods sectors, how sustainable materials can change to produce and recycle products with as little fossil-based raw materials as possible.

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About Us

INN-PRESSME is a joint collaborative net of 27 partners from 9 countries from North (Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium), South (Spain, Italy, France), and Central Europe (Germany, Poland). All technical and market-oriented services are provided by specific partners.

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