Scaling up Sustainable Biomaterials & Processes

Through the participation of 27 partners from 9 countries, INN-PRESSME is supporting European SMEs and companies to develop bio-based solutions in the packaging, energy, transport, and consumer goods sectors.

Funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme and focusing on nano-cellulose, bioplastics, and natural fibres, INN-PRESSME Open Innovation Test Bed is offering a wide range of services for feedstock conversion, materials development and upgrading.

Open Innovation Test Bed

An Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB) is a set of entities providing common access to physical facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials in industrial environments.

INN-PRESME Open Innovation Test Bed is providing European companies with technical and market-oriented services such as eco-design and circular economy assessment, characterisation and nanosafety studies, support for funding, and product certification advice.

The core of the INN-PRESSME Open Innovation Test Bed are the 16 research and development pilot lines. 


INN-PRESSME develops state of the art bio-based materials

The use of bio-based materials – made from biological sources, such as plants – as sustainable alternatives to fossil-based counterparts is growing in various industries, including packaging, transport, and consumer goods. These bio-based materials include both biodegradable and non-biodegradable polymers.

The bio-based polymers sector is continuously growing. Plants are an important bio-based feedstock and one of the main “factories” for technical materials.

Nano Materials

Nanomaterials describe materials of which a single small sized unit is between 1 and 100 nm, in at least one dimension.

Bio-Based Materials​

The use of bio-based materials from biological sources as sustainable alternatives to fossil-based counterparts is growing in the packaging, transport, and consumer goods sectors.

End Materials​

The project provides a network of pilots that cover the whole value chain ensuring access to scale-up projects.


Did you know that the #coating of the #electrodes inside #ultracapacitors and #supercapacitors can be made from ...#biomaterials?

#INNPRESSME partner @CIDETEC_ is currently developing this process for industrial use.

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Special #biomaterials attributes and challenging processes for producing stable #surfaces are the tasks facing the ...#researchers and #engineers at the @Fraunhofer_ISC.

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And on we go @IndTech2022 . INN-PRESSME is back on stage. And on we go. INN-PRESSME is back on stage. We are happy to ...share this with extraordinary projects like, @skills4am @eu_trinity.

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16 State of the art Pilot-lines

The INN-PRESSME OITB is backed by a network of 16 Pilot-lines established across Europe (ES, FR, FL, SE, DE, PL) integrated in a complete development chain from feedstock conversion to processing of nano-enabled bio-bases materials.

The Pilot-Lines will be upgraded during the project with process monitoring and functionalities together with online quality control. All Pilot-Lines provide materials composition, behaviour or performance characterization support to SMEs.