Biobased Cosmetic Tubes

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The replacement of fossil plastic by biomaterial components in the industrial production of cosmetic tubes is the aim of the research and development of this test case. It is not only about the development of the materials and the perfect combination of the different starting materials such as PHA and PHBV produced by INN-PRESSME Partner Polymaris, but rather the biomaterials must be formulated in such a way that they function as a multinanolayring material. 

The application to different carrier materials, for example PLA, is also part of the development and research process. In the end, the bio-materials must fulfil the same requirements as the fossil plastic and the content has to been protected against oxygen and moisture.

Facts & Figures

  • POL will provide PHA materials (30 kg)
  • Formulated/ compounded at IPC for biocompatibility, mechanical and gas barrier properties, good processability
  • Best formulas by extensional flow mixing
  • Outer film: standard extrusion at IPC and functionalized at FhG-ISC
  • Inner film: processing for confining PHA at IPC
  • Lamination on paper at IPC

Related pilot lines

Establishing of a development environment for bio-based particle foams

The Fraunhofer ICT particle foaming pilot line will enable a fully controlled development/ production environment for particle foams tailored to the needs of the respective customers with nano-scaled additives incorporation to (bio)polymers to increase functionality.

What we want to achieve:
  • Product ideas that exist in companies can be turned into products much faster with the help of the new and improved pilot line, which increases the innovation rate of companies in the bio sector.
  • Shorter development cycles and integrated real-time characterisation methods enable a better understanding of the material-property relationship for a new material.
Download pilot line pdf

Compounding and processing of nano-enabled bio-materials

The Extensional Flow Mixer METEOR (patented by IPC) is used to develop new formulations with an efficient dispersion of additives while reducing the overheating, and so the thermal degradation of sensitive material, like PLA.

What we want to achieve:
  • A quality control will be integrated thanks to an inline capillary rheometer to be able to optimize compounding parameters. Control compounding parameters for zero material degradation and optimize distribution of the micro and nano-fillers.
  • Inline integration of 3D printing filament at 2 diameters 1.75 and 2.85 mm. Additionally, a flexible cooling system will be implemented with water or air for water-sensitive materials.
Download pilot line pdf

Production of biopolyester from marine bacteria

Polymaris wants to industrialise the production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), so-called for example biopolyesters, from marine bacteria.

What we want to achieve:
  • The pilot line will deliver amounts of Pol PHA large enough for process and product development.
  • The pilot line will be available to produce molecules by fermentation.
  • The pilot line will offer natural microfibers flax or hemp as component of any bio composites.
Download pilot line pdf