Discover the first open calls winners and their innovative projects



The INN-PRESSME consortium is glad to unveil the 5 projects selected via the first round of Open Calls (December 2022-January 2023).

Co-financed by INN-PRESSME, the winning companies are able to use the 16 pilot lines with cutting-edge technologies and develop bio-based products, such as packaging, coatings, films, and bags.



Home compostable flexible films with high barrier properties suitable for food packaging applications

Applicant Company: ICCI Sea – Seabird

Country: France

INN-PRESSME Pilot lines leaders: IPC, VTT, Fraunhofer ISC

INN-PRESSME services: AIMPLAS (compostability)

Material: Bioplastics

Process: Multinanolayer extrusion, Cast and Blown extrusion, lacquer coating

Description: OPTIMA-Pack project aims at the development of home compostable flexible films suitable for food contact with barrier properties and in particular a sufficiently low water vapor permeability for the preservation of dry food. SeaBird is resolutely focused on the goal of reducing plastic pollution and preserving marine areas and the environment. Designed from biodegradable polymers, their resins (used for the manufacture of fishing nets, textiles, packaging, etc.) do not contain harmful additives such as phthalates, disruptors endocrine, flame retardants, etc. In addition, being recyclable in industrial composting, they have less impact on the environment, and thus make it possible to limit the number of plastic waste.


  • PackPHA

Barrier packaging based on PHA bio-based and biodegradable materials.

Applicant Company: Helian Polymers

Country: The Netherlands

INN-PRESSME Pilot lines leaders: IPC, Fraunhofer ICT, Fraunhofer ISC  

INN-PRESSME services: AIMPLAS (compostability)

Material: PHA

Process:  cast sheet extrusion, monolayer & multilayer film production, foaming and coating.

Description: Helian Polymers has broad experience in small & scale up level compounding and characterization on different PHA building blocks. Helian Polymers has access to numerous PHA grades which exhibit different properties. However, despite the great expectations of PHAs, there still exist limitations in terms of processability & transformation of PHAs into new packaging products. The company aims at developing biobased and biodegradable barrier packaging material based on PHAs, using different PHA building blocks and processes.


  • LUVbioWood

Novel UV Curable Bio-based Hybrid Wood Coating with Superior Properties

Applicant Company: Kayalar Kimya (Project coordinator)

Country: Turkey

INN-PRESSME Pilot lines: Fraunhofer ISC, IWNIRZ

INN-PRESSME services: IRES (Life Cycle Inventories and Life Cycle Impact Assessment)

Material: Wood

Process: Natural fibre-based lacquers, coating

Description: The interest in bio-based polymers and coatings is increasing, as they are an alternative to fossil-based derivatives and are more sensitive to the environment and human health. LUVBioWood will then provide a new UV-curable bio-based volatile organic compound (VOC)-free wood coating to comply with the EU environmental legislations and regulations. The coating will be developed by incorporating bio-fibers from Pilot Line 4 into the coating to generate new properties including antimicrobial and flame-retardant features. Then, these coatings will be aligned with net zero policy and will maintain sustainability due to lower Carbon footprint in production and utilisation, also contributing to circularity, and enable the biodegradation of the wood-coating combination.



Selection of biobased materials with biodegradable properties under anaerobic conditions for bags applications.

Applicant Company: Barbier Group

Country: France

INN-PRESSME Pilot lines leaders: IPC, VTT

INN-PRESSME services: AIMPLAS (biodegradation tests)

Material: Bioplastics

Process: Multinanolayer extrusion, cast extrusion, blown extrusion

Description: This project aims at finding a material which could be manufactured into bags and disposed by methanization. To do so, it will be necessary to identify the raw material which could fragment sufficiently in anaerobic conditions so that it could be bio-assimilated. In addition, the produced bag will have sufficiently strong mechanical properties to be able to address the markets for the bagging of heavy bio-waste.


  • SeaBiofilm

Upscaling processing of SEAweed BIOplastics: compounding, FILM extrusion and

injection moulding.

Applicant Company: B’ZEOS

Country: Norway

INN-PRESSME Pilot lines leaders: CEA, IPC

Material: Seaweed

Process: compounding, castextrusion and injection moulding.

Description: B’ZEOS has expertise in compounding and formulation development using seaweed polysaccharides and waste streams from the biorefinery process of seaweed. B’ZEOS has developed formulations leading to seaweed-based pellets via extrusion technologies. The use of conventional machines to process novel materials is key for introducing these materials to the market. Hence, the focus of the project will be to study and optimize seaweed-based material formulations with different processing technologies. More specifically, the project will focus on the optimization of processing parameters in conversion technologies (cast extrusion and injection molding) and pellet production (extrusion).