INN-PRESSME services help you scale up your biomaterials


INN-PRESSME partners are offering a wide range of services for feedstock conversion, materials development and upgrading, for the packaging, transport/automotive, and consumer goods sectors.

Since January 2021, INN-PRESSME partners have been upgrading existing and new Pilot Lines, focusing on the formulation and processing of novel nano-enabled and bio-based materials by additive manufacturing, dispersion or extrusion coating lines.


INN-PRESSME is providing services for the design, development, testing, regulatory (including safety), environmental assessment and upscaling, that are adapted to end-users’ needs during the test cases to fit sectors requirements.

Through the INN-PRESSME Open Innovation Test Bed, companies and SMEs have the opportunity to get access to pilot facilities, capabilities and services required for the development, testing and upscaling of nanotechnology and advanced materials in industrial environments. Technical and market-oriented services are available to secure the transition of the new material concepts to the market.

All new bio-material developments, formulations and processes are tested in 9 demo cases.



Technical services:

– Eco-design

– Testing and quality control

– Nanosafety

– Technology transfer

– Prototyping and small series production in pilot scale

– Recyclability and circular economy assessments

– Characterisation and nanosafety studies



Market-oriented services:

  • Support for funding
  • Standardisation and product certification advise
  • Business and legal consultancy
  • Training
  • Support in innovation management




For more information, please contact the project coordinator:

Dr Ulla Forsström

Principal Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

tel. +358 40 8202 191