Open Innovation Test Bed

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Open INNovation ecosystem for sustainable Plant-based nano-enabled biomateRialsdeploymEnt for packaging, tranSport and conSuMEr goods

INN-PRESSME aims at developing and implementing a sustainable OITB to support European companies to scaleup their nano-enabled biomaterials and processes from TRL 4-5 to 7. We will focus on (nano)cellulose, bioplastics, and natural fibres, combined with nanotechnology approaches to tailor biobased materials with properties and functionalities (barrier, antibacterial properties, improved corrosion, or chemical resistance, etc.) that equal or outperform their fossil counterparts at competitive prices. INN-PRESSME gathers 16 pilot lines, organized in routes and processes for feedstock conversion (PLA, PHA, fibre-based, cellulose-based), formulation and transformation and processing of bio-based material to high added value products.

INN-PRESSME is a joint collaborative net of 27 partners from 10 EU countries from North (FI, NO, SE, UK, BE), South (ES, IT, FR) and central Europe (DE, PO). All technical and market-oriented services are provided by specific partners, include equipment and methods for processing, fast and accurate/reliable characterization, scaling up, nano safety, eco-design and circular economy assessment (recyclability and biodegradability), product certification, digitization of the OITB, sustainable OITB ́ business plan, technology transfer, support for funding, networking activities. The value proposition will be validated for 3 targeted mass markets (packaging, energy/transport, and consumer goods sectors) with 9 test cases co-developed with Early Adopters (7 IND, 1 SME) and with additional testcases through open calls. All this will secure the smooth transition of the new material concepts to the market, for accumulated turnover of about 56M€ by 2029. Additionally, for maximizing the impacts on SMEs, the OITB will rely on a strong network of European clusters and initiatives and on an efficient promotional campaign including towards the ECCP members or regional initiatives funded by ERDF. These services will be available through single-entry point.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N°952972